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We do our own real-time programmatic media buying to serve relevant ads to your audience. Our buying increases your Return on Advertising Spend.

Our access to proprietary platforms ensures hyper-targeted, precise and cost-efficient strategies that get results.

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We're really seeing great results as a result of innovative tactics brought to us by Digital-Ignite.
Whitney Cummings
Vice-President of Marketing


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Customized data-informed strategy

In-house media buying

Proprietary technology

Our Expertise

Data Science

We use data science to improve our clients’ advertising, media and marketing decisions. Our efficient, cost-effective, precise solutions achieve business objectives. 

Marketing Technology

Using our own proprietary reach and frequency programmatic algorithms, along with Artificial Intelligence platforms, we buy media more efficiently and place it exactly where it needs to be.

Brand Building

Clients turn to us for guidance on brand architecture, positioning, identity, and strategy. 


Our services include social media account management, public relations, audio and video production, copywriting, the creation of custom emails and landing pages and web development.


We buy programmatic media in-house, saving our clients time and money.

Cybersecurity Operations

Priority 5, our exclusive cybersecurity solution, provides 24/7 precision centralized insights and operational readiness software in a single, cohesive operating picture. 

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